Agito 120

Agito 120  

Max payload: 120kg
Max load: 4 bicycles or 1 scooter
Swings to one side for easy access through rear doors
Weight excluding conversion kit and receiving elements: 40kg

Campervan carrier system
The Agito is suitable for almost any panel van or campervan. Even when loaded the Agito swings easily to the side, to allow rear door access.   

Stable and weight-optimised
The sturdy construction is lightweight and can be tailored to your requirements. The Agito can take a load of up to 120kg and as with all Sawiko support systems it is easily removed, with only the receiver brackets remaining on the vehicle.

Agito Top
With a max payload of 80kg, the Agito Top is able to carry 2 E-Bikes or 3 bicycles. As well pivoting for easy rear door access, the Agito Top features a space-saving folding design. 

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