Friction Pad Replacement

Friction Pad Replacement  

Follow these simple steps to replace worn friction pads. 

1- Remove the soft dock and unscrew the two small screws using a torx tool to remove front friction pad. Replace with new pad. 

2- Remove the screw from the back plate to remove the rear friction pad. Replace with new pad. 

3- Prise the side caps off using a screwdriver. Insert the end of a screwdriver into the hole created by the removal of the cap, and tap gently with a hammer. This will pop the friction pads out through the head of the stabiliser. To replace with new pad simply insert the friction pad into head of the stabiliser and click into place, ensuring any washers on the stem of the original pads are replaced with new pads. 

Image shows original (red) model. Same instructions are applicable for the new (black) model. 

Shop online for replacement friction pads.