HOW TO tutorials

HOW TO tutorials  

These HOW TO guides are provided to help you correctly and safely carry out your pre-journey checks, fitment, maintenance and operation of many popular AL-KO Accessories.

The links below will open the relevant printer friendly document, allowing you to follow the instructions in situ as you work on your caravan. You could even print them all and create a HOW TO manual. 

This section is under constant review, so check back soon to see what's new. 

Complementary HOW TO video tutorials are also available for many of the guides, allowing you to watch the procedure start to finish before embarking on the task. 

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HOW TO attach your breakaway cable


HOW TO remove towball paint for first use

HOW TO fit AL-KO Shock Absorbers

HOW TO fit the AKS 3004 Stabiliser

HOW TO pair the Mammut Handset



HOW TO operate the Secure Wheel Lock



HOW TO monitor wear of side friction pads

HOW TO change side friction pads

HOW TO clean friction pads

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