For many years now, the leading caravan manufacturers have chosen to fit the AL-KO Spare Wheel Carrier as standard. 

Fit behind the axle, within the chassis frame, the carrier is sited for optimum weight distribution, for minimal impact on the nose weight of your caravan. 

Most caravan chassis have prepunched holes in the chassis members approximately 700mm rear of the axle. These pre-punched holes are on both sides of the chassis which enables the carrier to be fitted with the telescopic action operating to either the left or right hand side. This ensures that wheel removal can always be to the nearside of the road, whether driving on the left in the UK, or on the right in Europe.

As with all AL-KO products the carrier is under continual review, and developments have been made over the years to ensure the carrier functions smoothly and efficiently. Click here to view the latest updates. 

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