AL-KO recommends cleaning the friction pads after every journey to prevent a build up of deposits on the towball, which can lead to a creaking/groaning whilst towing. This is particularly common when using a diesel vehicle. Simply remove the friction pads and wipe them with a fine grade emery paper to remove any build up. 

Remove all paint from towball before use with AKS, and ensure towball is grease free and smooth. 

Friction pads should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good working order.


1- If the green indicator is visible then you know the AKS 1300 is correctly coupled to your towing vehicle. 


2- In the open position you can inspect the friction pads. If the distance (see arrows) is greater than 0mm the friction pads are in good order. 

3- Couple the AKS to the vehicle but do not press down the stabilising handle. If the green section of the indicator is visible the AKS and towball are in good order.

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