Technical Specification

Technical Specification  
























1) Frame can be lowered by 144 mm on

2) Wheelbases of 3000 mm, 3166 mm and
    3320 mm are only available for the
    “Light” type.

3) At track width of 2100 mm the frame
    side member is off-set.

4) Only for wheelbases of 3643 mm min.

Unladen weight circa 1725 kg (Type 35, frame length 4500 mm, engine 120 Multijet).

Information according to 92/21/EC or 97/27/EC guidelines as at the time of print (ready to drive away, incl. tools, spare wheel if supplied, fuel tank up to 90% full, driver’s weight at 68 kg and luggage of 7 kg) for vehicles with standard equipment.

Optional equipment usually adds to this value, thus lowering the load capacity. The final unladen weight of the vehicles should be determined by weighing. Spare wheel holders can be fixed from a rear overhang (B) of 1147 mm; the length refers to a track width of 1860 mm.

We reserve the right to make changes in the technical data, such as weights, axle load and dimensions.

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