Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications  

Suspension type/load proportion
Proportion of ultimate load ca. 70% steel, ca. 30% air (with permissible rear axle load).

The ground clearance and rear overhang angle can be altered via an external air supply. This function is only posssible when the vehicle is stationary or travelling at a max. speed of 30 km/h.

Lowering dependent on the rear axle load. Lifting in the axle area approx. 60mm.

Max. weight limits
For single axle vehicles (up to a max. permissible overall weight of 4.0T).
ABS is essential for commercial vehicles.

TÜV tested:
Braking system as EC-RL 71/320*2002/78.

Air Plus is only available as original equipment for AL-KO AMC Chassis conversions at time of chassis build.



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