The 1079 Mile Which Caravan Test

The 1079 Mile Which Caravan Test  

Which Caravan’s Phil Stevens performed a thorough test of ATC over 1079 miles of Scottish mountain roads ‘in December gales, at speed, on ice’. Below is the verdict.

In an industry known for conservatism and traditional views, petty suspicion sometimes pervades and ATC hasn’t been immune. I usually strive to present as balanced a view as possible when testing a product – whether it be a new caravan or a tin opener. So let’s imagine the sceptics are right, and that ATC actually delivered, in terms of safety, a third of what AL-KO tells us it does and costs double the asking price. We’d still hail it as the most significant product to hit the caravan industry in recent years.

When gusty winds batter you, or you’re caught in bow waves of air from a truck, ATC is there monitoring and activating when needed. There’s no ‘thwack’, kissing the windscreen with each activation; it’s just a measured retardation that settles everything back down.

A large swing only usually occurs after a build up of several smaller ones which increase in intensity. Nip those blighters in the bud and the big one that topples you should never arrive.

We could use AL-KO’s blurb to describe critical speeds and the science behind ATC, but most people just want to know that, like the airbag you ignore from one trip to the next, can you be sure it will work the one time you need it? The emphatic answer is yes.

On our test, over 1079 miles and three days ATC activations have numbered 53, whilst there were borderline interventions of over 0.2g on over a thousand occasions. That’s a lot of work going on which you don’t have to worry about.

It may sound dramatic, but it’s no understatement to say that ATC could save your life – even if it’s only called upon once in your ownership of a caravan. Who could possibly pick fault with that?

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