Which Spare Wheel Carrier?

Which Spare Wheel Carrier?  

We have 4 versions of the spare wheel carrier available, depending on the width of your caravan chassis. 

To determine which is suitable for your caravan, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Measure distance between the chassis members (Fig 1) and refer to Table 1 to determine correct part number.

Step 2: Check which tyre size is fitted to your caravan (eg. 195 R14).

Step 3: Measure the distance marked ‘X’ on the caravan chassis main member (Fig. 2).

Step 4: Compare Dimension X against your tyre size using Table 2. Ensure it is within the limits for your spare wheel carrier part number.

For a printable guide click here.

All 4 carriers are available from our Online Shop.

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