ATC Fitment


Can ATC be retrofitted to my caravan?

Yes, ATC is retrofittable to most caravans with an AL-KO Chassis.



Can I fit ATC myself?

ATC units are not suitable for DIY fitment. Click here to view your fitment options.



Can I transfer my ATC unit to another caravan?

ATC units are weight dependant, so you will need to contact AL-KO to determine the compatibility. If the ATC unit is compatible it will need to be fitted by an AL-KO Approved Service Centre.



Where does the LED need to be fitted?

Near the overrun device on the front fairing.



How do I know that ATC is ready to use?

As soon as the 7-pin plug is connected to the towing vehicle, the ATC completes a pre-flight test. The function status is shown via a green LED on the overrun device.

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