My new caravan chassis is covered in thick white powder. Is this covered by warranty?

No. This is Wet Storage Stain and is a natural occurrence when new galvanising is not allowed to dry off properly or becomes contaminated, for example by road salt.



My new caravan has red rust on the chassis/overrun/corner steadies/brake rod. Is this covered by warranty?

Yes, providing your caravan is still within the warranty period. Please contact AL-KO on (01926) 818500 for details.



Can I drill a hole in my AL-KO chassis?

Drilling holes is generally not allowed, as you weaken the design of the member as well as leaving it vulnerable to red rust. Drilling holes in the chassis will void any warranty the chassis is under.

However, if there is a specific need to drill a hole, for example, to fit an AL-KO accessory to an older chassis which has not been prepunched, this may be done according to the drilling template supplied with the item. If in doubt contact your local AL-KO Approved Service Centre.


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