LED Lights


Where does the LED need to be fitted?

Near the overrun device on the front fairing.



ATC is working but the LED light is not on. Can I still drive the caravan?

If you hear ATC perform its self test at the time of connection the unit should still be working ok. It may be that the bulb has gone and simply needs replacing, but it could also be a lot more serious, such as broken wires, which could result in the ATC failing when needed.
If the LED light has not come on then you should contact AL-KO to arrange inspection and repair.



My LED light is stuck on red. What should I do?

The system may need to be reset.
Unplug the unit from the car and leave it disconnected for 10 seconds. Reconnect and the unit should perform it's pre-use test and light should go green.



My LED is green at the start of my journey but red by the end. What has happened?

The most likely cause is low voltage or a loose connection in the towbar plug wiring.
ATC constantly records errors when in operation. When the memory is full a constant red LED light is shown. The back log of errors can be cleared by plugging the unit into a constant power source for 12 hours. After this time drive the vehicle for a short distance the light should turn green.

It is recommended that you get the electrics on your towbar checked.



My LED light is constantly red, I have covered the above steps and the light is STILL red. What do I do?

The above steps will clear only minor errors. If having followed these steps the light stays red you should arrange for an AL-KO inspection.

The cause will determine whether or not this is covered by warranty. If the cause is unrelated to the ATC unit, and is for example due to issues with the towbar, the warranty will not cover costs of the callout and/or parts.



I have a flashing red light. What should I do?

The flashing red light is because the system has turned itself off due to an internal fault. You will need to take the caravan to your dealer to determine the fault.

Before towing the caravan to your dealer you'll need to check whether the brakes are applied. The simplest way to do this is to see if you can push the caravan. If you can, then the brakes are not applied. If you cannot, you must first disconnect the push rod (see handbook).

Once the push rod has been disconnected the brakes will work exactly as they would if ATC hadn't been fitted and the caravan is safe for towing.

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