Does my ATC unit need servicing?

No. There are no serviceable parts in the ATC unit. The only check that is needed is to ensure there is a 1mm gap between the lock nut on the push rod & the ATC guide tube.



Does ATC need maintenance?

No the system is maintenance free.



I have adjusted my brakes. Should I adjust my ATC.

No, adjusting the brakes doesn't affect ATC.



If my ATC unit is stuck 'on', how do I disengage it and can I continue my journey with it disengaged?

Before towing the caravan you'll need to check whether the brakes are applied. The simplest way to do this is to see if you can push the caravan. If you can, then the brakes are not applied. If you cannot, you must first disconnect the push rod (see handbook).



Can I leave ATC plugged in for a period of time, for example on a ferry? Will it drain the battery?

Yes you can, and no it will not drain the battery. The ATC unit takes just 50MA in standby mode, just enough to power the LED.



The LED cable under my fairing is showing signs of damage.

This is probably due to the jockey wheel catching on the cable. See your dealer to arrange for an engineer to correct this problem. This should be covered by the caravan manufacturer's warranty if it is an installation fault.



Do the brake lights function when ATC is activated?

 No. The ATC brakes the caravan and car softly. The driver will feel when ATC has activated.



How do I recognise that the ATC system is working in the car?

Soft braking is noticed in the car.

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