Overrun Devices

Overrun Devices  

I have vertical movement on my overrun.

During manufacture, a degree of movement is built into the overrun. The tolerance is 3mm from top to bottom at the coupling head. 3mm is perfectly acceptable, anything more than this is NOT acceptable.

If movement is in excess of this tolerance you should contact your local AL-KO Approved Service Centre. 

The problem may be due to wear within the bearing bushes, caused by excess nose weight or lack of lubrication. Bearing bushes must NOT be changed if movement exceeds tolerance.



There is a clunking noise whilst braking.

Have you recently had a new stabiliser or coupling head fitted?

If so it is possible that the rear retaining bolt has not been passed through the eye of the damper, so no damping force is applied when braking. The stabiliser or coupling head will need removing and correctly reattaching.

If not it is possible that the damper in the downshaft has failed, with no damping force being applied whilst braking. You may need a new damper fitted.

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