Spare Wheel Carrier

Spare Wheel Carrier  


I can't pull the spare wheel carrier out.

This is possibly due to a lack of maintenance. The spare wheel carrier extension arms are telescopic and need periodic greasing to ensure they glide in and out smoothly.

You'll need to remove the spare wheel carrier, as advised in the fitting guide, and free the telescopic arms using WD40. Use wire wool to remove any corrosion or oxidisation from the tubes of the extension arms and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Finally use a water barrier grease to fully coat the extension arms and place the arms back into the carrier.

The carrier can now be refit to the caravan.

Carry out periodic greasing of the tubes to prevent reoccurence.



I can't remove the spare wheel from my carrier.

The vehicle needs to be jacked up to fully extend the spare wheel carrier on larger caravans which have deeper chassis members.


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