The red and/or green indicator button has broken off the hitch handle. Can it be replaced?

This is usually caused by catching the button with the hitch lock when fitting the hitch lock. The red section can be replaced, and slides into the slot on top of the green button. The green part cannot be replaced however.



The stabiliser arms keep lifting up when I travel.

The most likely cause is the handbrake handle catching on the stabiliser handle when braking.

Gently tease the handle away from the contact point - 5mm should be sufficient. Whilst doing this, make sure you support the base of the handbrake with a block of wood to stop it coming off the ratchet wheel.



I have updated to the new AKS 3004. Will my hitch lock still fit?

The same hitch lock fits both the original and new AKS 3004 Stabilisers. 




I have an AKS 1300 and the ratchet wheel has jammed. What should I do?

The ratchet has jammed because the wheel has been turned too far when unwinding. It is only necessary to turn the wheel until you first feel resistance or one click of the ratchet. What has happened is the small circlip in the centre of the wheel has become embedded in the black plastic surround.

To resolve this issue use a 13mm socket or similar, place it up into the centre of the wheel so that the socket is sitting on the black plastic and the centre pin will go into the socket. You then need to apply force with a hammer which will release the circlip, and the ratchet wheel. 

A fair amount of force may be required depending on how far it has been over unwound. It would be recommended to rest the coupling on the towball as you do this, to offer support. 


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