I have an AKS Stabiliser. What is the minimum clearance that I need between the towball and towing vehicle?

This varies according the the stabiliser.

AKS 1300 = 65mm
AKS 2004 = 67mm
AKS 2007 = 60mm
AKS 3004 = 68mm

This measurement is taken from the centre of the towball to the nearest point of contact with the towing vehicle. 

Insufficient clearance will prevent the stabiliser from correct articulation and could damage your car or possibly become detached.



My towball has become pitted and/or scored.

Some of the paint or coating has been left on the towball. During towing this paint gets rubbed by the friction pads into tiny balls which then score or pit the towball. This is why it is vital that all paint or coating is removed before use.



My towball has grease on it. Can I use it with an AKS Stabiliser?

Under no circumstances can a greased towball be used with an AKS Stabiliser. Ensure you remove all grease before hitching up. Use a cloth to remove the excess grease, but use brake cleaner to remove any residue. We do not recommend metholated spirits as this can leave a greasy residue.



Can I tow my caravan without activating the friction pads?

Yes, but AL-KO do not recommend it. It is the hitch handle that attaches the stabiliser to the towball. If you do not activate your friction pads then you will have none of the damping benefits they provide.



I have a new AL-KO Towball - do I need to take the paint off? 

Yes. It is vital that all paint is removed from the towball before use. To remove the paint, simply rub with emery paper, ideally finishing with a coat of brake cleaner fluid to remove any residue. 

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