Can I tow using a motorhome? 

All vehicles with an AL-KO Chassis are approved for use with a trailer. 

If the motorhome has a factory fitted towbar then all requirements will have been taken into account and you will be able to tow. The maximum train weight will be shown in the vehicle documentation. 

If you are retrofitting a towbar ensure you only use AL-KO Approved towbars, and that you indicate the vehicle type and chassis number when ordering.

NOTE: Towing a trailer reduced the maximum gradient capacity of the vehicle & suitable rear view mirrors must be fitted. 

To achieve optimum results when towing a trailer, please observe the following points:

- Refer to base vehicle handbook for towing limits.
- Do not tow with the vehicle empty and the trailer loaded. 
- Always locate heavy objects close to the axle and secure.
- Maximum speed limit is 60 mph.
- Ensure tyre pressure of vehicle is set at fully loaded setting.
- Use low gear when travelling downhill to avoid constant braking.

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